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Introduction to decimals

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What is a decimal?
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Decimals are numbers with one or more digits after the decimal point, such as 3.25. Decimals can represent fractions, like 0.75 which equals 3/4. To compare decimals, look at the numbers to the right of the decimal point.
Introducing Decimals
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Place Value: The position of a digit in a number determines its value. For example, in the number 456.8, the 8 is in the tenths place, so it is worth 0.8. Rounding: The process of replacing a number with an approximate value that is easier to use. For example, the number 5.876 can be rounded to 5.9. Equivalent Forms: The same value expressed in different forms. For example, 0.75 can be written as the fraction 3/4 or the decimal 75/100.
4. Open question
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What are some real world examples of decimals?
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How can decimals be used to represent fractions?
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How can understanding decimals help you in everyday life?
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What strategies can you use to help you understand decimals better?
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Brain break: Draw a goofy penguin balancing an ice cream cone on its head
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Which of the following is a decimal number?
  • 2+3i
  • 0.5
  • 5/6
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What does the decimal point represent in a decimal number?
  • Separates the whole number from its fractional part
  • Indicates multiplication
  • Indicates addition
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How would you read the decimal number 0.75?
  • Seven fifths
  • Seven and five tenths
  • Seventy-five hundredths
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What is the place value of 4 in the decimal number 3.426?
  • Hundredths
  • Thousandths
  • Tenths
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Which fraction is equivalent to the decimal number 0.2?
  • (1/2)²
  • 1/5
  • 1/10
14. Open question
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Work together in pairs: Q: How can you use decimal notation to represent fractions?

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