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Kinds of Qualitative Research


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1. Word cloud
60 seconds
Name one type of qualitative research?
2. Open question
180 seconds
What is the difference between ethnographic and phenomenological research?
3. Personalised Feedback
360 seconds
What are the different types of qualitative research methods and how do they differ from each other?
4. Drawings
450 seconds
Brain break: Draw a monster with six arms, three legs, and five eyes, wearing a bow tie and dancing on a rainbow.
5. Poll
60 seconds
Which of the following is NOT a type of qualitative research?
  • Descriptive Research
  • Grounded Theory Research
  • Experimental Research
6. Poll
60 seconds
Which type of qualitative research aims to develop theories from data?
  • Grounded Theory Research
  • Phenomenological Research
  • Ethnographic Research
7. Poll
60 seconds
'Narrative inquiry' is an example of what kind of qualitative research?
  • Phenomenological Research
  • Case Study Research
  • Discourse Analysis
8. Poll
60 seconds
What type of qualitative research involves the study of a small group or individual in-depth over time?
  • Case Study
  • Action research
  • Participatory Action
9. Poll
60 seconds
What kind(s) of data collection method can be used in ethnographic research?
  • Participant observation, interviews, focus groups
  • Surveys, experiments, observations
  • Document analysis only

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