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1. Poll
60 seconds
Would you rather have a house made entirely of chocolate or a car made entirely of bubble wrap?
  • A house made entirely of chocolate
  • A car made entirely of bubble wrap
2. Word cloud
120 seconds
Name one material and what it is used for?
3. Slide
60 seconds
Materials Around Us
Materials are all around us. They can be natural, like wood, or man-made, like metal. Some materials can be used to build things, like bridges and buildings. Other materials can be used to make clothes or toys.
4. Slide
60 seconds
Materials and Their Function
Materials are things that objects are made of. They have different properties and can be used for different functions. For example, wood is a material that can be used to make furniture, while metal can be used to make tools. It’s important to know what materials are used for and how to use them properly.
5. Open question
300 seconds
What are some of the ways we use metal, plastic, fibers, ceramics, and glass in our everyday lives?
6. Open question
180 seconds
What materials do we use in our everyday lives that are not good for the environment?
7. Slide
60 seconds
Did you know?
Paper is made from cellulose fibers, which are derived from recycled wood pulp and other plant matter. Some plastics are made from recycled materials such as recycled bottles. Aluminum is the most recycled material in the world, with more than 70% of all aluminum ever produced still in use today.
8. Poll
60 seconds
Which of these materials is best for making a boat?
  • Wood
  • Plastic
  • Metal
  • Cloth
9. Personalised Feedback
360 seconds
What is one material you use to build a house, and what function does it serve?
10. Open question
300 seconds
What other materials could have been used to do the same task?
11. Poll
30 seconds
How confident are you with today's lesson?
  • Very confident ✔️
  • Somewhat confident 😀
  • Not sure yet 🤔
  • Need more practice ✍🏻
  • Confused 😕
12. Drawings
450 seconds
Draw a cheeseburger flying in the clouds with wings and smiling!

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