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Metalinguistic Awareness


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What is metalinguistic awareness?
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Metalinguistic awareness is the ability to think about language and how it works. It includes being able to recognize and understand how words are formed and used. It also includes understanding how language works in different contexts.
What is Metalinguistic Awareness?
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People with higher metalinguistic awareness can better understand the complexities of language and are more successful at learning a second language. Studies have shown that metalinguistic awareness can actually help boost reading comprehension in 9th grade students. Metalinguistic awareness can help people more accurately identify and describe the subtleties of language, such as dialects, accents, and slang.
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Question: What are two ways to develop metalinguistic awareness?
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ONE WAY: Focus on grammar, syntax, punctuation, and literary techniques in order to understand how language choices affect communication. ANOTHER WAY: Use reflective discussions and explain your answers or choices.
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Can you give an example of a sentence that has multiple meanings and explain how punctuation can be used to clarify the intended meaning?
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Sentence: "I love cooking my family and my pets." Without punctuation clarification, this sentence could be interpreted as the person loving to cook their family and pets as ingredients , which is obviously not the intended meaning. "I love cooking, my family, and my pets." This use of commas shows that the person loves cooking separately from their affection for their family and pets. Using punctuation helps make the meaning clear and prevents misunderstandings. It guides readers to understand the intended message and improves communication.
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Brain break: Draw a circle that you turn into a silly face by adding ears, hair, nose, eyes and a mouth.
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What is metalinguistic awareness?
  • The ability to speak multiple languages
  • The ability to write in different styles
  • The ability to think about and talk about language
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What are some examples of metalinguistic awareness skills?
  • Understanding sarcasm and irony in language
  • Recognizing that words can have multiple meanings
  • Identifying the meaning of unfamiliar words using context clues
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