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Name the three main social classes in Sumerian society?

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Name the three main social classes in Sumerian society?
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Sumerian Social Classes
The Sumerian society was divided into three social classes: nobles commoners/craftsmen farmers/slaves
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sumerian social classes
Nobles The nobles consisted of Priests, Officials, and Royals. Very small group in the total population.
Commoners/Craftsmen Workers for the nobles and palaces. Held jobs involving farming, fishing, and crafting.
Farmers/Slaves 90% of the population were farmers. Slaves mostly worked on Palace building projects and were owned by the palace.
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Which social class would you want to be in?
  • Nobles
  • Commoners/Craftsmen
  • Farmers/Slaves
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How was the social structure of the Sumerians similar to other societies?
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Label the 3 social classes of Sumerian society.
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Give a short description of each of the social classes of the Sumerian society.

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