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1. Word cloud
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Think of your favorite story (can be a book, movie, or other). What makes it a great STORY?
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In 1 or 2 words, what is NARRATIVE WRITING?
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Narrative Essay Writing
Narrative essays are STORIES Personal Narrative essays are stories told in 1st person POV and are non-fiction. Narrative essays that are told in 3rd person POV are usually fiction These essays require students to think critically and use vivid descriptions to bring their stories to life. .
4. Poll
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What do you think is the best way to write a narrative essay?
  • Find a good story and tell it
  • Create a vivid description of a scene or event
  • Outline the essay before you start writing
  • Write freely and edit later
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Your narrative prompt is going to be:
6. Open question
210 seconds
A narrative essay usually starts with a single moment. Write the single moment that started your Narrative Writing Activity #1.

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