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Natural resources and conflict


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Name one natural resource that people fight over?
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Natural resources are things like air, water, land, minerals, and plants. Conflict can arise when two or more groups disagree over who should have access to these resources. Some people think natural resources should be shared, while others think they should be kept in the control of certain groups.
Natural Resources and Conflict
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Water is a limited resource that is used in many ways by people, animals, and plants. When resources are limited, conflicts can arise between different groups who need the same water. Conflicts over water can be solved through cooperation, communication, and understanding.
Conflicts Over Water
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Natural Resources: Natural resources are materials or substances found in nature that are useful or valuable to people. Examples include water, air, soil, plants, and animals. Conflict: Conflict is a disagreement or clash between two or more people or groups. It can be a physical fight or a disagreement about ideas, beliefs, or values. Resource Conflict: Resource conflict occurs when two or more people or groups compete for the same resources, such as land, water, or minerals. This can lead to violence and other forms of conflict.
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What is the most important natural resource to protect from conflict?
  • Water
  • Forests
  • Animals
  • Air
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The United Nations (UN) has declared access to natural resources as a human right, yet conflicts over natural resources are still common. In some regions of the world, the lack of access to natural resources such as clean water and arable land has caused increased levels of violence. In some cases, natural resources have been used as a form of currency in areas experiencing conflict, such as diamonds in Sierra Leone.
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In the 1960s, Chile and Bolivia fought a war to gain access to water resources in the Atacama Desert.
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What are some of the important natural resources that people rely on for everyday life?
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Can you think of any examples of conflict that has arisen around the use of a natural resource?
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Water is an important resource that people need to survive. Unfortunately, it is not always available in the same amount and in the same place. When some people have access to enough clean and safe water and others don't, it can cause conflict. Many countries have had to fight or negotiate to get access to enough water for their people.
Conflict Over Water Around the World
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India and Pakistan have a long history of conflict due to their shared border. One of the main points of contention is the Indus River, which flows from India into Pakistan. The two countries are in a constant struggle over how to share the river's resources fairly.
India and Pakistan Conflict Over Indus River Water
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Oil and gas are valuable resources that are used to power cars, ships and electricity. Many countries have limited resources and this can lead to conflict between nations. Governments and industry must work together to ensure a fair and balanced use of oil and gas.
Conflict over Oil and Gas
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In the 1950s, Egypt and Syria fought a brief war over access to oil reserves located in the Sinai Peninsula. In 1967, the Arab-Israeli war was partially fought over access to the Suez Canal, an important shipping route for Arabian oil.
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Nigeria and Cameroon have been fighting over oil and natural gas resources in the Bakassi peninsula. India and China have been arguing over water rights in the Himalayan region. Kenya and Tanzania have been debating over the sharing of Lake Victoria's resources.
Countries Fighting Over Natural Resources
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Countries can cooperate to ensure access to natural resources. Negotiation can be used to settle disagreements between countries.
Solving Natural Resource Disputes
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Disputes about natural resources can be resolved with negotiation and compromise. For example, in 2015, the state of California and the federal government reached an agreement on how to manage water supplies. The agreement allowed farmers to get the water they needed while protecting wildlife and the environment.
Resolving a Natural Resource Dispute
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Natural resources are things like water, land, minerals, and plants that are essential to our lives. When there are conflicts over natural resources, it's important to find solutions that leave everyone feeling that they were treated fairly. Equality means that everyone has the same rights and responsibilities to use and access natural resources in a way that benefits everyone.
Resolving Natural Resource Conflicts with Equality
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What solutions can you think of to ensure responsible, equal use of natural resources?

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