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Nixon Southern strategy, 26th amendment, and Roe v Wade


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Callback: What helped Nixon win in 1968?
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1968 was a close victory for Nixon against an incredibly disorganized Democratic party To win again in 1972 Nixon needed to expand his voter base He decided to target the formerly Democrat dominated South as well as blue collar workers
A new strategy
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Why would Nixon target the South? Why would those voters be unhappy with recent Dem. policies?
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"Law and Order" President Advocated for "states rights" Have to stop crime in the cities + ghettos Utilized dog whistle politics (coded or suggestive language) Supporting, at least verbally, the halting of bussing
The Southern Strategy in a nutshell
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"If Congress fails to act in a way that provides some relief from these excessive busing orders that have caused racial strife, and primarily in northern cities as distinguished from southern cities, then I intend to find another way.” 1971, the Supreme Court upheld bussing as a way to speed up racial integration Nixon spoke against this ruling, but took no meaningful action
Two for one deal
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What electoral margin do you think Nixon won by in 1972? (How many electoral votes did he get out of 535?)
  • 270
  • 330
  • 452
  • 520
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Southern Strategy was a success Cast his opponents as extremists Good economy (for the moment) Foreign policy wins Nixon: 46.7 Million Votes, McGovern 28.9 million
Why such a crushing victory?
9. Open question
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At what age should you be allowed to vote?
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In 1971, the 26th amendment was ratified lowering the voting age from 21 to 18 years old This was the fastest ratification process in history being ratified within 4 months of Congress passing it Why do you think there was such quick action on this amendment? (hint: it is related to what we just talked about)
26th Amendment
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Do you agree with the sentiment "old enough to fight, old enough to vote?"
  • Yes
  • No
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Nixon appointed 4 SC justices during his time in office The court was split 6-3 (Conservative/Liberal) This case was between "Jane Roe" and Dallas District Attorney Henry Wade on Texas's abortion law Only allowed abortion when the the mothers life was in danger("Roe" already had 2 kids) In 1973, the SC decided 7-2 in favor of "Roe" protecting a women's right to an abortion
Roe v Wade 1973
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This decision was based on the right to privacy The majority based their decision on the 2022 Roe v Wade was overturned reverting abortion rights back to a state by state issue Justice Alito: Argued the overturning of Roe just affected abortion Justice Thomas: Has stated his wish to look at precedents that established gay marriage(2015), homosexual conduct(2003), and contraception access(1965)
Roe v Wade implications + today
14. Open question
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Should the government be involved in abortion?

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