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What is your favorite color?
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Present Simple is a verb tense which is used to talk about habitual actions or states. It is formed using the base form of the verb (with no 's' for the third person singular). It is used to talk about routines and facts that don't change over time.
Present Simple: An Introduction
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Base Form: The infinitive form of the verb without 'to'. Habitual Actions or States: Actions or states which occur regularly or at specific times. Third Person Singular: A type of grammatical person which refers to one person or thing.
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The Present Simple is one of the few English verb tenses which does not change its spelling in the third person singular. In some languages, the Present Simple is called the 'Imperfect Tense', as it suggests incompleteness. In English, the Present Simple can also be used to talk about future events which are planned.
Fun facts:
5. Open question
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Work together in pairs: Identify the verb tense in the sentence 'I go to the store every week.'
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Work together in pairs: What is the present simple form of the verb 'walk'?
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Brain break: Draw a picture of a robot that also acts as a hairdresser
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When do we use present simple?
  • To describe habits and routines
  • To describe future events
  • To describe a past event
  • To describe an ongoing situation
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What type of verb goes in the present simple form?
  • Infinitive verbs
  • Gerund verbs
  • Present participle verbs
  • Past participle verbs
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Which of these are present simple conjugations?
  • I am
  • He goes
  • I have
  • He did
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Which of these is an example of an affirmative present simple sentence?
  • I am studying for my test.
  • He had studied for his test.
  • She will study for her test.
  • We study for our test.
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Which of these is an example of a negative present simple sentence?
  • I don't study.
  • He didn't study.
  • We aren't studying.
  • She isn't studying.

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