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How were Northern & Southern economies different?
  • North focused on manufacturing. South focused on agriculture.
  • North focused on Farming. South focused on Factories.
  • North focused on gold mining. South focused on fishing.
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What was the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850?
  • Allowed fugitive slaves to apply for freedom in Northern territories
  • Allowed slave-slave hunters to seize fugitive slaves and freemen
  • Allowed slave owners to get paid from the government for their fugitive slaves
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What was the impact of the Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854?
  • It made slavery illegal in the Kansas-Nebraska territories
  • It stopped Americans from being able to settle west of the Rocky Mountains until 1903
  • It allowed slavery to spread into the Kansas-Nebraska territories through popular sovereignty
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What was the decision in Dred Scott v. Sanford?
  • People of African descent were not citizens so could not sue & slaves were property so couldn't be taken away
  • That slaves could apply for citizenship in the north and then sue for their freedom
  • That slave owners had no rights to claim a slave after they went into northern territory
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Brain Break: Draw a Llama eating pudding on the beach
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What did Southern states use as their reasoning for leaving the Union?
  • The Declaration of Independence gave them the right to
  • The Constitution says that they could leave the Union
  • The Articles of Confederation protected their right to do so
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Which event was the first battle of the Civil War?
  • the attack on Fort Sumter
  • the shots at Lexington
  • the surrender at Appomattox

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