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Simple P vs Continuous P

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Today, we discuss Present Simple vs Present Continuous!
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Present Simple vs Present Continuous
Present Simple is used to describe habits, routines, general truths, and fixed arrangements. Present Continuous is used to describe actions in progress at the time of speaking. Present Simple is used to describe future events with plans and arrangements.
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Present Simple vs Present Continuous
Present Simple: Used to describe regular, repeated actions or habits, as well as general truths and facts. Example: I play tennis every Saturday.
Present Continuous: Used to describe actions happening now, or for a limited period of time, and to express future plans. Example: I'm playing tennis this Saturday.
The difference between the Present Simple and Present Continuous is that the present simple expresses habits or facts, while the present continuous expresses actions that are happening now or for a limited time.
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The Present Simple is often used to talk about habits or routines, facts or states. Present Continuous is used to talk about actions happening at the moment of speaking or momentary situations in a specific time period.
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Which sentence is written in Present Simple?
  • They eat dinner together every evening
  • He is playing the piano right now
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One of these sentences is not Present Continuous... 👀
  • We are having a meeting in the conference room.
  • The sun rises in the east every morning
  • They are watching a movie at the cinema tonight
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Write one sentence in Simple Present and one in Present Continuous.
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Thank You!

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