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1. Header
60 seconds
A safe environment for student presentasjons
Activities to make students comfortable presenting in front of the class
2. Bullets
60 seconds
What are your students thinking?
  • First, the students can reflect on their thoughts
  • Then they can vote on ideas from other students
  • Then you can have a classroom discussion
3. Open question
360 seconds
Q: What is fun or scary when you are presenting in front of the class?
4. Bullets
60 seconds
Reflections on feedback
  • 1) Everyone creates ideas on how to give good feedback
  • 2) Use the results to practice
5. Q&A
240 seconds
Q: How should we give feedback?
6. Header
60 seconds
Why do we learn to present?
  • Dette er en fin aktivitet for å e hva elevene tenker om å holde foredrag
  • En fin aktivitet til å snakke om hvorfor man må lære å holde foredrag
7. Open question
180 seconds
Q: Why do we learn to present?
8. Bullets
60 seconds
Let the students be creative
  • A great activity where the students can brainstorm their next presentation
9. Drawings
480 seconds
Q: Draw something you would like to talk about
10. Bullets
60 seconds
Are there any questions?
  • Finish the class by letting the students create some questions
  • You can see what the class wonders about
11. Q&A
240 seconds
Q: Hvilke spørsmål har du om foredrag?

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