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The Boiling River.

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Time Zones 3 Unit 5 Video
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In a few words, what do you think the Boiling River is?
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The Boiling River is a natural phenomenon in the Amazon rainforest in Peru. The water in the river reaches up to 88°C (190°F) due to the high concentrations of volcanic gas. Local indigenous people use the hot springs for healing and spiritual cleansing.
The Boiling River
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Boiling River: A river located in Peru known for its boiling water, caused by geothermal activity. Geothermal Activity: Heat generated by the Earth’s inner core and released through cracks in the Earth’s surface. Thermocline: A boundary in a body of water between two layers of different temperatures.
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The Boiling River, located in the Amazon rainforest of Peru, is actually formed by two separate tributaries (streams or rivers) coming together and creating the turbulent mix of hot and cold waters. The Boiling River is believed to be around 4 miles long and over 20 feet deep in some places. The Boiling River is home to several endangered species of wildlife, including giant river otters, manatees, and turtles.
Did you know?
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What do you think inspired the scientist to plan an expedition to the Boiling River?
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What do you think would be the most challenging / difficult part of his expedition?
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If you could join the scientist on his expedition, what would you be most excited to learn?
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Brain break: Draw a happy sun smiling with sunglasses and giving a thumb up.
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Where is the Boiling River located?
  • Peru
  • Brazil
  • Costa Rica
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What is the name of the scientist who discovered the Boiling River?
  • Andrés Ruzo
  • Charles Darwin
  • Louis Pasteur
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What are some beliefs of the local people about 'The Boiling river'?
  • It has healing powers
  • It's sacred to their ancestors.
  • Both A & B
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What makes the water in The Boiling River hot?
  • Geothermal activity
  • Volcanic eruption
  • Weather conditions
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What are some of the animals that live around The Boiling River?
  • Jaguars, anacondas, and giant otters.
  • Pandas, kangaroos and tigers.
  • Lions, elephants and giraffes.
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Work together in pairs: What is the scientific explanation for why the Boiling River is able to maintain such a high temperature?
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Question: You are an explorer visiting a mysterious boiling river. What caused the river to be boiling? Clues: • The boiling river is located in a jungle. • The river is surrounded by geysers and hot springs. • The river is surrounded by an active volcano. In pairs: Select and solve one of the tasks: A. In pairs, research the possible reasons for the boiling river. B. In pairs, create a drawing to explain your solution.

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