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Take a look at this ad. What is it about?


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Take a look at this ad. What is it about?
2. Word cloud
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What elements did you use to create hipothesis about this text?
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Now, observe this comic strip:
4. Open question
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What are common characteristics of a comic strip?
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Activating inference can help you become a better reader. Inference is sometimes referred to as 'reading between the lines'. Activating inference can help you understand a text more quickly.
Activating inference
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Inference: The process of drawing conclusions based on evidence and reasoning. Prediction: An educated guess about what might happen next in a text or about its meaning, based on previous experiences.
Inference and prediction
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Graphic elements: words in bold, images, illustrations...; Cognate words; Previous knowledge; Prediction and inference.
Reading strategies
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What do you think is the best reading strategy to activate inference?
  • Visualizing what is being read
  • Making predictions or asking questions
  • Connecting to prior knowledge or experiences
  • Using context clues

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