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What is a tall tale?

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What is a tall tale?
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Tall Tales: Making up Amazing Stories
Tall Tales are stories that are made up and usually exaggerated. These stories have characters that are larger than life, like Paul Bunyan, and usually feature nature as a backdrop. Tall Tales can be fun and creative stories that can be shared with friends!
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tall tales
Tall Tales are stories that are larger than life, often exaggerated and impossible. They usually contain superhuman characters and fantastic events that can't happen in real life.
Tall Tales often include larger-than-life characters who perform superhuman feats. These characters are often comical and may be based on real people or animals.
Tall Tales usually contain some element of truth, but they may also contain exaggerations or be completely made up. In some cases, they may even contain moral lessons or be used to pass on traditional wisdom.
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Did you know?
In the 19th century, the tallest tale was about a man named Paul Bunyan who was so tall, he could step over mountains and rivers with a single stride. In the 1800s, tall tales were used to entertain people in the Wild West. They were told around campfires and in saloons. The word
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What is a tall tale? Can you think of a tall tale you have heard?
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What are some common characters in tall tales? What are some of the characteristics of these characters?
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Write a story about a talking dinosaur who loves to eat ice cream and go on adventures with a magical unicorn.
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Imagine you are a superhero with the power to talk to animals. Write a story about an adventure you have with a talking elephant and a flying squirrel!

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