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Teamwork - Learning about Team and Team Building


Exploring the meaning, advantages, and examples of team building and working together as a team to b

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1. Open question
120 seconds
Bellringer: Team Building is VERY Important: What qualities does a good team member have?
2. Slide
60 seconds
Schedule: Bellringer Objectives Qualities of a good team member Poll Card Castle Team Activity WHY Teamwork Mini Brain Break Steps to take when you face a challenge with a team Who Am I? Teambuilding Activity Closure
What we are going to be doing:
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60 seconds
Lesson Objective 1: Effective Communication and Collaboration By the end of the lesson, students will be able to demonstrate effective communication skills by actively listening to their teammates, articulating their ideas clearly, and respectfully engaging in collaborative discussions to achieve a common goal. Lesson Objective 2: Problem-Solving and Critical Thinking By the end of the lesson, students will be able to apply critical thinking skills within a team setting, analyze challenges, brainstorm multiple solutions, evaluate options, and make informed decisions collaboratively to solve a problem or complete a task. Lesson Objective 3: Empathy and Inclusive Teamwork By the end of the lesson, students will be able to demonstrate empathy towards their teammates by considering their perspectives, actively seeking diverse opinions, and incorporating different strengths and abilities within the team to foster inclusive and effective teamwork.
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60 seconds
Reliability: Being dependable and doing what you say you will do. Communication: Expressing ideas clearly and actively listening to others. Cooperation: Working well with others and being willing to compromise. Responsibility: Taking ownership of tasks and following through on them. Adaptability: Being open to change and making changes when you need to for the situation.
What are the Qualities of a Good Team Member?
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60 seconds
Respectfulness: Treating others with kindness, empathy, and consideration. Positive attitude: Maintaining hopefulness and motivation, even during challenges. Problem-solving: Contributing creative ideas and actively seeking solutions. Accountability: Taking responsibility for actions and learning from mistakes. Supportiveness: Offering help, encouragement, and assistance to teammates.
What are the Qualities of a Good Team Member?
6. Poll
60 seconds
What do you think is the most important part of working in a team?
  • Listening to each other
  • Respecting each other
  • Trusting each other
  • Supporting each other
  • Encouraging each other
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60 seconds
Card Castle!
Remember the qualities of a good team member!!!!!
Directions: As a team, you are going to work together to create a card castle. You will have three minutes to create a castle using only cards. As you are working with your team, think about how well your team is working together and what you would change the next time.
8. Open question
240 seconds
Build Your Card Castle...
You will have three minutes to complete as much of your card castle as possible with your team.
9. Open question
180 seconds
Evaluation! Think about how your team worked together during the Card Castle Challenge.
Tell me TWO THINGS: 1) What worked well in your team. 2) What didn't work well in your team during the challenge.
10. Open question
180 seconds
Sometimes, teams face challenges... what were some challenges your team faced during the card castle challenge?
11. Slide
60 seconds
WHY Teamwork Vs. Non-TeamWork
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60 seconds
Team work can increase the overall productivity of a group of people by up to 50%. Studies have found that teams with diverse backgrounds and opinions often produce more creative and innovative ideas than teams with similar members. Research has shown that teams that work well together have less stress, increased confidence and enthusiasm, and less absences at school.
Did you know?
13. Drawings
220 seconds
BRAIN BREAK: Use the drawing tool to draw a picture of a team or team logo that you have seen.
EXAMPLES: EAST or YOUR EAST Team, the Arkansas Razorbacks, the Hot Springs Trojans, a restaurant logo, or ANY team logo you know.
14. Open question
270 seconds
What challenges do teams face when working together?
15. Slide
60 seconds
Communication issues: Difficulties in sharing information, misunderstanding instructions, or ineffective collaboration due to poor communication. Conflicting personalities or work styles: Differences in the way you understand things, personalities, or approaches that can lead to conflicts or hinder team bonds. Lack of coordination: When team members are not aligned, leading to duplicated efforts, missed deadlines, or inefficient use of resources. Time management: Struggling to meet deadlines or poor balancing of multiple tasks can delay your progress. Limited resources: Not enough budget, equipment, or people to work can create challenges in reaching team goals.
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60 seconds
Lack of trust: Mistrust among team members can create problems with collaboration, information sharing, and overall productivity. Decision-making difficulties: Disagreements or being unable to decide can slow down progress or lead to suboptimal choices. Conflict resolution: Find a solution to conflicts within the team, managing relationship and communication issues, and maintaining a friendly working environment. Change management: Learning to change your project if it isn't working well, or to make it appropriate for a bigger group of clients, or match the client's needs, or change to fit your team composition can be challenging and require modification. External pressures: Factors such as tight deadlines, high expectations, or external stakeholders' demands can add stress and challenges to the team.
17. Slide
60 seconds
Define the problem Look at the other person's solutions (Their Way) Think about your solutions (My Way) As a group, brainstorm ALL possible solutions (BrainStorm) As a group, choose the best solution to the problem (Highway)
Steps for a team when you have a challenge:
18. Personalised Feedback
240 seconds
What are the steps you can use when your team faces a challenge?
19. Slide
60 seconds
20. Slide
60 seconds
In this exercise, group members will be asked to identify the names of famous persons. The leader tapes the name of a famous person on the back of each participant. The group member is not to see who is taped to their back. Their task is to find out who they are. The participants mill around the room asking others yes/no questions. If the member receives a “yes” answer, they can continue to ask that individual questions until they receive a “no” answer. Then they must continue on to ask someone else. When a group member figures out who they are, they take off the tag, put it on the front of their shirt, and write their own name on it. The member then can help other members find out who they are. The exercise concludes when all members have discovered who they are.
Who Am I?
21. Open question
300 seconds
Using the information from today, how will you benefit a team next time you work in one?
22. Open question
300 seconds
When was a time that team work was a benefit to you or your classmates?
23. Drawings
390 seconds
Mindful Brain Break:
Drawing YOUR Happy Place! Think of a time and place where you felt really happy and relaxed. A place you felt calm, cozy, safe, and quiet.

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