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Unit 1 Week 1 Lessons 10 and 12

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60 seconds
Learning objectives (lesson 10)
Develop vocabulary Answer questions referring to details in a text Create mental images to build knowledge
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60 seconds
Objetivos de aprendizaje (lección 10)
Desarrollar vocabulario Responder preguntas refiriéndose a detalles en un texto Crear imágenes mentales para construir conocimiento
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60 seconds
New Vocabulary
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60 seconds
5. Drawings
660 seconds
Read paragraph 8 of "Keep Corn on the Cob-Not in My Car!" Use the words to create a mental image.
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60 seconds
Learning objectives (lesson 12)
Explain how text features contribute to the overall meaning of a text Use text features to gather relevant details about the central idea
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Objetivos de aprendizaje (lección 12)
Explicar cómo las características del texto contribuyen al significado general de un texto Utilizar las características del texto para recopilar detalles relevantes sobre la idea central
8. Personalised Feedback
360 seconds
What costs and benefits does the environment experience when people use resources to make things like fuel or plastic?

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