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Week 1 lessons 4 and 7

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60 seconds
I can use context clues to determine the meaning of unfamiliar words I can explain how relevant details support multiple central ideas I can identify explicit or implied central ideas by analyzing relevant details
Learning targets🎯
2. Drawings
450 seconds
Context clues frayer model
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60 seconds
Finding central idea of historical texts
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60 seconds
Review the central ideas of each paragraph that we came up with yesterday. What could be a one-sentence summary of the entire passage?
Constructive conversations
5. Open question
210 seconds
What central idea did you come up with?
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60 seconds
How does this author show that there were many different people fighting in the American Revolution? How did his experience show that the American Revolution changed peoples' lives in different ways?
Discussion of Enduring Understanding 3
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60 seconds
Is Banners of Freedom a primary or secondary source? How does this influence the reader's understanding of the American Revolution?
Discussion of Enduing Understanding 4

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