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What do you know about magnets? (Answer with a few words)

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What do you know about magnets? (Answer with a few words)
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Magnetism: a force that acts on moving electric charge and magnetic materials that are near a magnet. A magnet is anything that attracts other things made of iron, steel, and certain other metals. Each magnet has an invisible field around it. The MAGNETIC FIELD goes out in all directions. Each magnet field depends on the shape of the magnet. The field is strongest at each end or the poles.
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What is a magnetic field? How are they shaped?
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The Earth’s magnetic field is actually weakening, and has been for the last 160 years. Magnetic fields are created by electric currents, and can also be created by moving electrons and charged particles. A new type of magnet has been discovered that is made up of a combination of iron and carbon atoms, called carbonyl iron. All magnets have two poles, a north-seeking and a south-seeking pole.
Did you know?
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What is true about magnetic poles?
  • opposite poles behave the same
  • unlike charges repel each other
  • A magnet can have 2 north or south sides.
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How does a compass work?
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The Earth behaves like a large magnet. The magnetic north pole is located in Canada about 600 mi away from the north pole. The magnetic south pole is located in the Southern Ocean near Antarctica. The Earths outer core is made of material so hot that electric currents flow through it and create a magnetic field. A compass is pulled by the imaginary line to the north and south poles to point you north or south. If a compass is close to a magnet it will not work.
The largest magnet in the world
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Brain break: Draw a robot princess baking a cake while jumping on a trampoline.
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Question: What are the forces responsible for creating magnetic fields? Clues: • Magnetic fields are produced by the motion of electric charges. • Magnetic fields can be created by electric currents. • Magnetic fields can be represented as lines of force. In pairs: Select and solve one of the tasks: A. Working in pairs, draw a diagram to illustrate how electric charges create magnetic fields. B. Using the same diagram, explain how electric currents create magnetic fields.
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What is a magnetic field?
  • A force field that surrounds a magnet
  • A type of electricity
  • A type of radiation
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What is the area around a magnet where its magnetic force can be felt called?
  • Magnetic field lines
  • Electricity lines
  • Gravity lines
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What happens when two magnets are brought together with their opposite poles facing each other?
  • They attract each other
  • They repel each other
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What do we call the ends of a magnet?
  • North and South Poles
  • East and West Poles
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Which metal is attracted to magnets?
  • Iron
  • Copper
  • Aluminum
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Work together in pairs: What is the force created between two objects when they have a magnetic field?

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