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Why Are We Still Doing That?

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Chapter 1 : How do you tend to read a piece of text with your class?
  • round robin
  • popcorn reading
  • choral reading
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Chapter 2: Teachers should make it a goal to plan lessons based on student learning preferences.
  • True
  • False
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Chapter 3: Why is homework used as a default?
  • More practice
  • Need grades
  • Keep them busy
  • So families know what kids are doing
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Chapter 4: What are some effective formative assessment techniques?
  • Asking does everybody understand?
  • Students draw stars to rank the most important topics
  • Having students respond to a prompt independently
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Chapter 5: What's Problematic About Standardized Test-Based Practices
  • Data walls are not an effective way to support student success
  • Results of state standardized tests are high susceptible to manipulations
  • Teachers feel the need to teach to a test sampler
  • Teachers are forced to rush through curriculum
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Chapter 6: How do you hold students accountable for schoolwork and class behavior?
  • Contact parents
  • Restorative Circle
  • Sit out of recess
  • Behavior chart

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