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Analytics within Canvas
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Canvas analytics can be used to measure the success of student and staff campaigns on a college or university campus. Canvas has an analytics integration platform that allows users to track and visualize the performance of their online courses. Canvas Analytics can be used to identify patterns in student behaviour and track trends in student engagement over time.
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2 Types of Analytics
There is the Teacher version and the Administrator version.
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Teacher version offers:
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Teacher version offers continued.
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Teacher version offers continued
7. Drawings
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Brain break: Draw a feathered dinosaur with polka dot wings and a sparkly tail.
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Admin version offers:
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Admin Side
Why is this helpful? This side is helpful in showing all courses per term, per department, or instructor. It shows what is being used most by the students and the staff. For example: Files, there was 280,904 files uploaded for Summer and Mini May, there was 0 interaction with those pages other than looking at them.
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How have analytics on Canvas helped you in your learning?
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True or False: Canvas provides real-time data on student activity and performance.
  • True
  • False
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