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creating a self portrait


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In a few words, describe yourself!
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Self Portrait: A self portrait is a representation of the artist created by the artist themselves. It is an expression of the artist’s identity and can be done using a variety of mediums. Composition: The arrangement of visual elements within an artwork. It is used to create a pleasing and effective image. Lighting: The way in which light is used in an artwork. It can be used to create different moods and emotions in a piece of art.
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The self-portrait is one of the oldest types of painting, with examples dating back to the early 15th century. The first known self-portrait was painted in 1433 by the Italian painter Domenico Veneziano. The earliest self-portraits were painted using a technique called 'chiaroscuro', which is a mixture of light and shade to create a 3D effect.
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What elements/characteristics would you incorporate into your self portrait that you think best represent who you are?
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What is a self-portrait?
  • A portrait of someone else
  • A portrait of a landscape
  • A portrait of oneself
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Why is it important for an artist to practice creating self-portraits?
  • To develop their skills in representing the human form
  • To create artworks for others
  • To explore their own identity
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How can an artist use colour in their self-portrait?
  • To show emotions or express personality
  • To obscure facial features
  • To make the portrait more realistic
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What should be included in a good self-portrait?
  • An accurate representation of oneself with attention to detail
  • A colourful background that contrasts with the subject
  • Creative elements that have no relation to the subject
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A self-portrait is a representation of an artist, created by the artist themselves. A self-portrait is different from a portrait because it is a representation of the artist's identity.
What is a self-portrait?😅
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Self-portraits can capture the essence of the artist's personality, emotions, and identity. Self-portraits can be used as a way for artists to explore their own feelings, thoughts, and experiences. Self-portraits have been used throughout art history to provide insight into the lives and personalities of famous artists.
Why are self-portraits important?🤐
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