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In a few words, how do you view yourself?
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An inner portrait is a painting that captures the artist's feelings and emotions. A self portrait is a painting that captures the artist's physical appearance. Both types of portraits can be used to explore the artist's identity and creativity.
The Meaning of Inner & Self Portraits
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Inner Portrait: A self-portrait that reflects a person's inner feelings, thoughts, and emotions. Self Portrait: A portrait of oneself made by oneself. Reflection: The act of thinking deeply or carefully about something, typically a situation or experience.
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The first self-portrait was painted in 1433 by the Italian artist, Masaccio. The earliest surviving example of an inner self-portrait dates back to 1524 and was painted by Albrecht Durer. Some studies suggest that self-portraits could be a way for an artist to explore their own identity and psychology.
Did you know?
6. Open question
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What emotions do you feel when you look at your self-portrait?
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What aspects of your inner self do you want to capture in your self-portrait?
8. Drawings
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Question: What does an inner and self portrait tell us about ourselves? Clues: • Think about your feelings, thoughts, and experiences. • What makes you unique? • What elements can you use to express your identity? In pairs: Select and solve one of the tasks: A. Create a self portrait with any materials you have. B. Explain your portrait to your partner and draw it together.
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What is an inner portrait?
  • A representation of one's thoughts and emotions
  • A painting of a landscape
  • A photograph of a cityscape
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Which famous artist is known for his self-portraits?
  • Pablo Picasso
  • Vincent van Gogh
  • Leonardo da Vinci
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What is a self-portrait?
  • A portrait painted by someone else
  • An artwork created by the artist to depict oneself
  • A photograph taken by a friend
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What is the purpose of creating an inner portrait?
  • To portray historical events
  • To capture external beauty
  • Self-reflection and introspection
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How can artists express their emotions through self-portraits?
  • Through capturing landscapes and nature scenes
  • Through facial expressions, colors, and composition choices
  • Through abstract shapes and patterns
14. Open question
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The outer self is comprised of the physical stuff or things that are visible to other people. This includes appearance-related items such as hair, clothes, height, and material possessions like cars, houses, and toys, but it also pertains to the myriad of personas we use when dealing with different people. On the other hand, the inner self consists of the core elements of our identities. Some things that fall under this category are our values, dreams, beliefs, concerns, and passions.

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