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Curipod lesson about topic "kindness"

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1. Word cloud
120 seconds
What is one way we can show kindness to others?
2. Slide
60 seconds
Kindness means being helpful and caring for others. You can show kindness in big and small ways. Kindness makes the world a better place.
The Power of Kindness
3. Slide
60 seconds
Random acts of kindness can make people feel happier. Smiling at someone is an act of kindness. Spreading kindness can be contagious!
Fun facts:
4. Open question
180 seconds
How have you been kind to someone today?
5. Poll
30 seconds
What can you do to be kind?
  • Say kind words
  • Share your toys
  • Be mean
  • Yell at people
6. Poll
30 seconds
Why should you be kind?
  • It makes people feel happy
  • It makes people feel sad
  • It makes people feel scared
  • It makes people feel mad
7. Poll
30 seconds
How can you show kindness?
  • Help someone in need
  • Tease someone
  • Ignore someone
  • Yell at someone
8. Poll
30 seconds
What is an example of kindness?
  • Smiling at someone
  • Breaking someone's toy
  • Stealing from someone
  • Saying mean words
9. Poll
30 seconds
What should you do when you see someone being kind?
  • Tell them how much you appreciate it
  • Yell at them
  • Ignore them
  • Steal their toy
10. Drawings
450 seconds
Draw a picture of an elephant wearing a Santa hat and riding a unicycle!

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