CAASPP Test Prep

CAASPP Test Prep

The best way to prepare students for the SBAC & CAASPP performance task

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What is the SBAC & CAASPP ELA Performance Task?

The CAASPP (California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress) and SBAC (Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium) ELA performance task is a critical component designed to assess students' mastery of language arts skills in a real-world context. Unlike traditional testing formats, the ELA performance task requires students to read complex texts, analyze information, and synthesize their findings into comprehensive written responses. This task is crafted to evaluate a range of abilities from critical reading to analytical writing and is typically composed of several components, including a research section where students must gather information from multiple sources, and a writing section where they must articulate their arguments or explanations clearly and coherently.

How to Prepare for the SBAC & CAASPP ELA Performance Task?

To perform well on the performance task, students need enough relevant and engaging practice. That's why our curriculum team have built out a package of exciting practice lessons with similar texts, prompts and rubrics as the SBAC & CAASPP ELA performance task. Teachers can customize 1000s of variations based on students interests, to keep engagement and rigour high.
The SBAC & CAASPP lessons are available on the Curipod School & District plan, and includes:
Narrative writing practice  
Explanatory writing practice
Argumentative essay writing practice

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