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Beginning of Year Innovation PD 2023-2024

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Innovation PD
2023-2024 Navigate to and enter the PIN
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Table of Contents
(Re)Introduce myself and Personal Updates Survey Feedback Takeaways Innovation Plans for this year Big Picture Goals for Innovation Program Next Steps
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(Re) Introduce and Personal Updates!
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Background in Visual Arts, Design Thinking, and as a Program Director 2nd year at Roycemore as the Innovation Coach/STEAM Teacher My goal is to support you in making your big ideas for projects happen and support you in learning how to use the technology tools we have available!
About Nina
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Agency Empathy Equity Creative Confidence Critical Thinking
Why am I passionate about the Innovation Program?
Team Building Stamina 21st Century Skills Brings subject areas together
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Survey Feedback Takeaways
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1: Lots of positive, encouraging, and supportive feedback!
This really speaks to how open to collaboration everyone is here. I continue to love working with everyone here!
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2: Lots of requests for more PD on AI and ChatGPT developments
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3: Focus Innovation PDs for Specific Grade Levels or Subject Areas
Smaller Groups for PD More of a focus on what students are capable of doing with the technology tools at their level
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4: Focus on How to Integrate Technology into certain Subject Areas
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5: Lots of People want to repeat projects that we did together last year!
Data was a little bit off for this...
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Do you have any other feedback or suggestions?
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Innovation Plans for the Year
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Staying the Same
Innovation Professional Developments Meet to collaborate on project ideas and implementation We work together to build a schedule for your classes to complete projects I will be teaching Middle School Maker with support from Matt, Ciat, and Beth, and an Design Essentials (4D) for 9th I am SO EXCITED to work with everyone on projects this year!!!
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Additions and Adjustments
AI Professional Development Adjusting Innovation PD Scheduling a Meeting with me Displaying Student Projects
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1: AI Professional Development
At least one in-person PD Updates, tips, and resources Everyone should attend
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2: Adjusting Innovation PD this year
IN PERSON PD: Optional to attend, but EVERYONE must attend one. I will suggest which grade levels would most benefit in the Innovation PD announcement via email and share resources. Sign up for the PD early so I can cater the PD to your needs! Talk to your colleagues about attending one of the PDs in a group for collaboration opportunities!
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3: Scheduling a Meeting
Option 1: We have a conversation in person, confirm meeting date/time, and I will add it to Google Calendar in that moment Option 2: Email conversation and Google Calendar invitation Option 3: You can add a meeting on MY Google Calendar and then EMAIL me so I can confirm!
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3: Scheduling a Meeting
Notes on Scheduling a Meeting Please include SPECIFIC TIMES for meeting, not blocks IF YOU ARE NEW, please meet with me in the first month or so of school. If you can, please check my Google Calendar to make sure there are no conflicts! Look for the blocks of PURPLE on my calendar.
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4: Displaying Student Projects
I would like to improve on this from last year! Any help would be great! This is not a strong suit of mine. Focus on the PROCESS and the FINISHED PRODUCTS Makes us all look good! :)
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Big Picture Plans and Goals
Innovation Center and Program
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Innovation Center Use
An extension of YOUR CLASSROOM Innovation Center is for EVERYONE Instead of me pushing into your classroom for our project collaborations, you can bring your class to the innovation center!
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Sharing the Innovation Center Space
Sign-up system, TBD Ideally, individuals, groups, or classes could sign out spaces for use Probably through Google Calendar
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How will I use the Innovation Center?
Multiple projects going on at the same time, Nina will float between spaces As students and teachers grow in their knowledge of using the tech tools, more autonomy will be given to teachers and students during projects and space use
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Everyone has different comfort levels using tech tools and overseeing their use We can work together to find a work flow that makes you comfortable I am here to support you!
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Next Steps
Please fill out the Check-In Survey in Google Classroom Begin thinking about how you might want to collaborate with me or use Innovation Resources this year Schedule a meeting with me if...
You want to collaborate on a project this quarter/semester You have questions about the Innovation Program You want to collaborate but aren't sure where to start You want to learn how to use a tech tool we have at school Any other reason you may have!
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Checkin: Draw/write - What is one way you plan to be Innovative this year?
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