Classroom Environment


Get to know what the students think is most important for a good class room environment. Perhaps you

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1. Open question
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What does a good class room environment mean to you?
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The classroom environment refers to the physical and emotional space in which learning takes place. It includes factors such as lighting, temperature, seating arrangement, and teacher-student relationships. A positive classroom environment can enhance student engagement and academic achievement.
Classroom Environment
3. Personalised Feedback
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In what ways do you think technology can be used to enhance the learning experience in a classroom?
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A recent study found that AI can recognize students’ emotions by analyzing their facial expressions. AI can provide personalized real-time feedback to students during classroom activities. AI can help grade and evaluate student work with greater speed and accuracy than traditional methods.
Did you know?
5. Poll
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Would you rather your students process information by copying notes or creating their own resources?
  • Copying notes ensures they have the necessary information
  • Creating a product requires a higher level of thinking and engagement
6. Personalised Feedback
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What strategies can teachers use to create a positive and inclusive classroom environment that promotes student engagement and learning?

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