Classroom Norms

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What are Classroom Norms?
In order to have a SAFE, FUN, and EFFECTIVE learning environment, we are going to collaborate on class norms, or community agreement.
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RMS Building Norms
Respect Peers, Staff, and Self.
Support a Safe Learning Environment
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Did you know?
In some countries, students take off their shoes when entering the classroom to show respect. In some cultures, students and teachers bow to each other when entering and leaving the classroom. In Japan, it is customary to bring a present to the teacher on the first day of class.
4. Open question
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What are some examples of how to be respectful to your classmates in the classroom?
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What are ways we can build a positive classroom environment?
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How do your classroom norms help create a safe and encouraging learning environment?
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Brain break: Draw a dinosaur cuddling with a banana
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In pairs: Select one task
Question: How can you and your classmate create classroom norms that will help everyone in the class be successful?
What are the different ways people learn best? What are the different ways people want to be respected? What are the different ways people can show respect to each other?
A: Brainstorm with your classmate the different ways you can create classroom norms. B: Draw a diagram that shows how you and your classmate have come up with classroom norms.
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What is the importance of raising your hand before speaking in the classroom?
  • To interrupt others
  • To take turns and show respect
  • To show off
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Why is it important to arrive on time for class?
  • To annoy the teacher
  • To not miss important information
  • Because it's fun to be late
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What does active listening mean in a classroom setting?
  • Ignoring the teacher
  • Daydreaming
  • Listening attentively and responding appropriately
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Why is it important to follow instructions from the teacher?
  • To understand and complete tasks correctly
  • Because teachers like bossing around
  • Because rules are meant to be broken
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Why should you treat your classmates with kindness and respect?
  • Creating a positive learning environment
  • They might give you free stuff
  • Just because
14. Open question
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Work together in pairs: What are two ways you can help create a positive learning environment in the classroom?

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