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Identify Verbs

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1. Word cloud
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Name three verbs you can use to describe an action
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Identifying Verbs
Verbs are action words that tell us what someone or something is doing. To identify verbs, look for words that describe actions, like jump, read, and write. Verbs can also describe states of being, like is, was, and will be.
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Identify Verbs
Verb: a word that expresses an action, event, or state of being.
Action Verb: a verb that describes an action that can be observed or measured.
Linking Verb: a verb that does not express action but instead connects the subject of a sentence with a word or phrase that describes or explains the subject.
4. Open question
300 seconds
What is a verb and how are they used in sentences?
5. Open question
300 seconds
What ways can you think of to identify verbs in sentences?
6. Drawings
1260 seconds
In pairs: Select one task
Question: Can you identify the verbs in this sentence? 'I am writing a letter.'
Verbs are action words. Verbs can tell us what someone or something is doing. Verbs can also tell us what is happening.
A: Find 3 other sentences and identify the verbs in each sentence. B: Create a story using verbs and draw a picture illustrating the story.
7. Poll
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Which word is a verb?
  • Jump
  • Run
  • Blue
  • Table
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Which word is a verb?
  • Book
  • Sun
  • Sing
  • Chair

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