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In one word, what is bias?

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In one word, what is bias?
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A study conducted by a procedure that produces the correct result on the average is said to be unbiased. Studies conducted withe methods that tend to overstimate or understimate the true value are said to be biased.
Bias in Studies
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Voluntary Response Bias - People are invited to participate in a study or survey. Biased because people with strong opinions are more likely to participate. Invitations to surveys over the radio, magazines, social media Self-interest bias - When data is used to only show data the shows positive attributes while possibly not reporting data that shows anything negative. Advertising to claim superiority over other products Social Acceptavility bias - People are reluctant to admit to behavior that may reflect negatively on them which. Leading question bias - Questions are worded in a way that suggests a particular response
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Nonresponse bias - When a high proportion of people refuse to participate Sampling bias - when some members of the population are more likely to be in cluded in the sample than others
Even more bias
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How do you think bias can affect the outcome of a study?
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What methods can be used to reduce bias in studies?
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Have you ever seen an example of bias in a study?
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  • Not Sure
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Brain break: Draw a snail with rocket thrusters on its shell, speeding across the finish line of a race.
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Which type of bias occurs when a politician sends out a survey to people who have subscribed to their newsletter to determine feelings about election reform?
  • Voluntary Response
  • Self-Interest
  • Leading Question
  • Sampling
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What type of bias? To estimate the prevalence of illegal drug use in certain a certain high school, the principal interviewed a simple random sample of 100 students and asked them about their drug use. Five percent of the students acknowledged using illegal drugs.
  • Voluntary Response
  • Self Interest
  • Social Acceptability
  • Nonresponse
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Which type of bias occurs when researchers selectively report only favorable or significant outcomes within a study?
  • Voluntary Response
  • Self-interest
  • Leading Question
  • Sampling Bias

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