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In one word, what is globalization?

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In one word, what is globalization?
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Globalization & Identity
Differences in cultures, beliefs, languages, and values can cause tensions between people and countries. Globalization can sometimes lead to a decrease in traditional values and a sense of belonging to a particular group or culture. With rapid changes happening around the world, it can be difficult to keep up with the changes and to maintain a sense of identity.
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Challenges of Globalization to Identities
Globalization: The process of increased interconnectedness between people, cultures, and governments throughout the world.
Identity: The characteristics and beliefs that make a person unique.
Cultural Identity: An individual’s sense of belonging to a particular culture or region.
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What challenges do you think globalization poses to identities?
  • It brings people together and creates a single identity.
  • It makes it difficult to differentiate between cultures and leads to a loss of identity.
  • It helps people to learn from each other and develop a unique identity.
  • It gives people the freedom to choose their own identity.
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Did you know?
Globalization has caused over half of the world’s population to live in urban areas. The rise of global markets has caused many countries to become dependent on each other for production and goods. Increasing globalization has resulted in more cultural diversity in many countries, with citizens being exposed to a variety of cultures from around the world.
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What are the positive and negative impacts of globalization on people's identities?
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Brain Break!
Draw a Picture of a kangaroo fighting godzilla
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What challenges do people face in maintaining their identities in the face of globalization?
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How do you think globalization has influenced the way people think about their own culture and identity?
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How has globalization impacted your own identity?
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What steps can you take to ensure your own identity is respected in a globalized world?

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