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Narrative Essay


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You will be writing a Narrative Essay
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What goes into a Narrative Essay?
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A narrative essay is a written story about a personal experience. It can be funny, serious, sad, or exciting - but it should always show a lesson. Great for 5th graders to learn to express themselves and explore their creativity!
Narrative Essay
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Narrative Essay: a form of academic writing that tells a story, usually from one person's point of view. It often has a moral or lesson at the end. Plot: the sequence of events that make up the story of a narrative essay. Character: a person or thing that plays an important role in the story of a narrative essay.
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Can you write a story about your time in 5th grade. What did you think would happen, and how did it actually turn out? What did you think about your teacher, and how did they make you feel?
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How can you use narrative essays to share your own experiences?

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