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Why do we have goals?

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What kinds of goals do people have in their lives?
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Is it important to have goals in you life? Why?
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Work together in pairs: What are some of the advantages of having goals in life?
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Goals help us stay motivated to achieve something special. Goals help us stay focused and organized. Goals give us a sense of purpose and satisfaction when we reach them.
Why We Have Goals
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Goals give people a sense of purpose and direction in life. Without goals, people can feel lost and unmotivated. Setting a goal allows you to focus on the positive steps you can take to achieve that goal. Studies have shown that having goals can improve your self-esteem and confidence levels.
Did you know?
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Goals provide direction - Goals give us a sense of purpose and direction in our lives. When we have a goal, it helps us focus on what we need to do in order to achieve it. Goals help us stay motivated - When we have a goal, it gives us something to work towards. This can help us stay motivated and inspired to keep going when things get tough. Goals help us measure our progress - Goals allow us to measure our progress and see how far we have come. This can help us stay motivated to keep going and reach our goal.
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What has inspired you to set a goal?
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What has been the most difficult part of setting a goal for yourself?
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Brain break: Draw a pig chasing a potato while wearing roller skates
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Why do we have goals?
  • To motivate ourselves and stay focused
  • To waste time
  • To confuse others
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What is the purpose of setting goals?
  • To provide direction and purpose in life
  • To be spontaneous and unpredictable
  • To make others jealous
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How can having goals benefit us?
  • By giving a sense of accomplishment when achieved
  • By making life boring and predictable
  • By causing stress and anxiety
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What role do goals play in personal growth?
  • They provide challenges to overcome and push us to improve
  • They limit our potential for growth
  • Goals are unnecessary for personal growth
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Which of the following is a reason why setting goals is important?
  • Goals are only meant for high-achievers
  • It helps us measure progress towards our desired achievements
  • Goals restrict creativity and innovation

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