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Product Design ethics


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What is ethics in your own words?
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Ethics is like a set of rules that help us decide what is right or wrong. It's about being honest, fair, and kind to others. Just like how we follow rules at home or school, ethics helps us make good choices and treat everyone nicely.
3. Open question
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What are some unethical practices companies do that you can you think of?
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Product Design Ethics
Product design ethics is the consideration of ethical issues when creating a product. It includes making sure the product is safe, secure, and respects privacy. It also involves ensuring the product is designed to have a positive impact on society.
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Product Design ethics
Human-Centered Design: A method of design that places emphasis on the user experience. It focuses on understanding the user’s needs and wants, and designing the product around those needs.
Privacy-by-Design: A methodology of data protection that builds privacy into the design of a product. It seeks to protect the user’s data and privacy from the beginning, rather than as an afterthought.
Ethical Design: A practice of designing products and services with the understanding that these designs have an ethical responsibility to the society in which they are used. It focuses on understanding the moral implications of the design decisions being made.
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Is it the company's fault a product hurts you or the consumer?
  • It is the company's fault
  • It is the consumers fault
  • Both are at fault
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Did you know?
Product design ethics can be used to create products that have a positive impact on the environment. In some countries, product design ethics guidelines are legally enforced. Product design ethics can be used to create products that promote social justice and societal equity.
8. Open question
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Should profits be valued over human lives? Why or Why not?
9. Drawings
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Draw a bunny eating spaghetti with utensils in each hand, and a big tomato sauce stain on its nose.
10. Open question
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How might product design decisions affect the environment and other people in the world?
11. Open question
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What responsibilities do companies have to their customers when it comes to product design?

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