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1. Slide
60 seconds
Summer 2023
Shell PT Revision
2. Poll
20 seconds
Who argued for a deontological approach to Ethics?
  • Jeremy Bentham
  • Bertrand Russell
  • Immanuel Kant
  • Plato
3. Poll
20 seconds
Who came up with the thumb analogy?
  • William Paley
  • Isaac Newton
  • John Wisdom
  • Plato
4. Open question
240 seconds
Explain two reasons why many people want to believe in an omnibenevolent God.
5. Open question
270 seconds
Explain one reason as to why it may not be reasonable to believe in God. Engage with the views of philosophers if you can.
6. Open question
240 seconds
Give the premises of the cosmological argument.
7. Open question
390 seconds
A happy life is one where we must endure pain. Give one reason why people agree, and one reason to disagree, using philosophers to back up your views if you can! Make it clear what your view is too.
8. Word cloud
60 seconds
Who is your favourite philosopher that we have studied?
9. Drawings
270 seconds
Draw something related to the course - it has to be clear what it is!
10. Poll
20 seconds
What was the best topic you studied this year in PT?
  • Happiness
  • Arguments for the existence of God
  • Is belief in God reasonable?
  • Ethics and Morality
  • Migration and Cultural Pluralism
11. Word cloud
60 seconds
What do you feel most confident about going into the exam?
12. Word cloud
60 seconds
What do you feel weakest about going into the exam?
13. Word cloud
60 seconds
Is there anything particular that you would like to revise/do together when we get back from half term?
14. Slide
60 seconds
Use your own personalised bingo card. Listen to Miss Perkins describe things that we have studied. If you think you have the answer, cross it off. The first one to a "full house" of answers gets a chocolate.

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