ACT Writing Preparation – Debate and Write!

AI Feedback in Spanish & English

Argumentative Essay - ELA Performance Task (SBAC & CAASPP)

Argumentative Essay Prep with Paired Passages (GMAS)

Arizona AASA Informative Writing

Arizona AASA Reading

Brain break

Building a rocket ship to reach the STAARs (Math)

Celebrity Poem Writing Challenge

Character Quest: Unraveling the Mysteries of Novel Personalities!

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Combine & Conquer – Sentence Superheroes

Compare and contrast

Compare and contrast connections

Compare and contrast drawing

Compare and contrast passage

Comprehend, feedback, repeat

Concept explainer


Connect the text

Constructed response – TELPAS

Convince the Evil AI Ruler - Argumentative Short Essay

Co-write a fairy tale with AI

Curify my slides

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Did they get it poll

Did you know?

Discussion questions

Drawing prompt based on text

Drawing prompt with topic

Draw it! - Curi-Quiz

ECR - Argumentative Composition w. Paired passages Prep (STAAR)

ECR - Informational Composition Prep (STAAR)

ECR - Upload Passage – Informational Composition (STAAR)

Entry ticket with feedback

Escape room with figurative language

Exit ticket

Exit ticket based on my text

Exit ticket with feedback

Explain it like I'm 5

Explain the concept - Curi-Quiz

Explanatory Writing - ELA Performance Task (SBAC & CAASPP)


Fantastic Frayer Fun

Feedback from a historic figure

Full lesson

Full lesson - Bilingual

Fun writing prompt

Guess the Timeline - Curi-Quiz

Identify existing knowledge

Inchy's Joke Jam Generator

Infer the chemical element

Infer the country

Infer the fictional character

Leaving Earth – Informative Writing for Basecamp Success

Lesson hook

Leveled Reading Passages with Comprehension Questions

Mad Writes - Fun With Parts of Speech

Math Battle Royale

Math STAAR Problem Review

Math story - word problems

Mini project

Monsters & Magic - Use Argumentation to Escape

Multiple choice

Mystery Mission – Infer the Perpetrator

Narrative Writing - ELA Performance Task (SBAC & CAASPP)

Narrative writing prompt

NYS Exam Prep: Paired Passage Analysis (ELA)

NYS Exam Prep: Text Analysis (ELA)

Opinion Essay Prep with Paired Passages (GMAS)

Paragraph of the week

PDF to comprehension questions

Personalised Feedback

Persuasive Writing: Convince the AI to Buy!

Picture This – Vocabulary Words

Rap 360 - Historical Event

Reading Comprehension – Curi-Quiz

Real world examples

Revision and Editing Prep (SCR, STAAR)

Revision Rangers – Sentence Superheroes

SCR – Paired Passages (STAAR)

SCR Reading Prep - Fiction (STAAR)

SCR Reading Prep - Non-Fiction (STAAR)

SCR Reading Prep – Poem (STAAR)

SCR Social Studies & U.S. History (STAAR)

SCR Spanish Reading Prep - Non-Fiction (STAAR)

SCR – Upload passage – Non-Fiction (STAAR)

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Sketch and Share

Spot the Scam: Use Argumentative Writing to Stop Misinformation

Uncover prior knowledge

Vocabulary Hustle

Vocabulary Hustle - Foreign language learning edition

Vocabulary Meme Battle

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Word Wizard - Spell as many words as possible!

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Would you rather - Brain break

Wrap your head around idioms

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