Curipod for Sales Training

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Curipod helps you train world class sales teams

  • Keep participants engaged throughout
  • Focus on topics most relevant to the sales reps
  • Save time with pre-made training templates

Keep participants engaged throughout

No one likes watching a PowerPoint presentation for 2 hours sitting still - especially not salespeople who like to engage with people.

That’s why we let you engage everyone in throughout your presentation with polls, word clouds, drawings, and more. 

For example, let everyone write the words they would avoid using in the subject line in a cold email.

Focus on topics most relevant to the sales reps

Changes in technology, legislation, customer needs, or your own product offering all serve to make the sales harder unless the salespeople stay on top of the changes.

But how can you know what is top of mind for your salespeople?

Curipod lets you ask all training participants which topics they’re most interested in, so that you can focus the training on the high value topics.

Save time with pre-made training templates

Achieve more in less time, using our library of pre-made training templates.

For example, want to build a culture of sharing best-practices within your sales team?

Run this training for sharing best practices.

How is Curipod different from Miro?

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