Ice breakers for sales, marketing and HR teams - not seen on Google

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the Curipod team


Do you have an important sales meeting and want everyone in your team psyched up? Or are you doing a creative brainstorming session with the marketing team? These icebreaker pitch competitions will guaranteed make every focused, engaged and ready for the task at hand.

1. Sell me this pen

This pitch competition is a variation of the classic challenge: Sell me this pen. It’s perfect for for sales teams or startups. Everyone is shown an image of a pen, and gets two minutes to write the best sales pitch. Afterwards everyone votes to decide the winner!


2. Make a new brand slogan for your own company

This creative pitch competition is fun, challenging and engaging. Everyone gets two minutes to write down all their ideas for a new brand slogan for your company. You then proceed to vote for the winner. It’s a great way to warm up for further brainstorming, be it for a meeting or a workshop.


3. If you had to start a new company. What would it do?

Coming up with startup ideas is easy; selling and communicating them in a simple way is hard. In this ice breaker the challenge is to pitch your startup idea. Everyone gets two minutes to explain their idea and the value in simple words. Then everyone votes for which startup they would invest in. Great fun, and a great communications exercise.


4. If you could hire anyone, who would it be?

Think for a moment that you had unlimited resources and influence to hire anyone in the world. Who would you hire? And why? In this ice breaker, the participants get two minutes to pitch in who they would hire and why. And of course, everyone votes for the best pitch. This is a perfect brainstorming warm up for startups and HR teams!


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