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1. Open question
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What strategies do you use to overcome challenges?
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In a story, what is the climax?
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Conflict is a problem or struggle between characters, forces, or emotions in a story. Some types of conflict include individual vs. individual, individual vs. nature, and individual vs. self. Conflict helps create tension and suspense in a story and drives the plot forward.
Conflict in a Story
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Internal conflict is when a character struggles with their own emotions, desires, or beliefs. External conflict is when a character struggles against an outside force, like another character or a natural event. Conflict in a story helps create tension and interest for the reader.
Internal and External Conflict in a Story
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Individual vs. individual: This type of conflict occurs when a character struggles against another character. This is the most common type of conflict in literature. Individual vs. society: This conflict occurs when an individual struggles against the government. Individual vs. technology: This conflict occurs when an individual struggles against technology, such as artificial intelligence, robots, or a technology shut down. Individual vs. nature: This conflict occurs when an individual struggles against something in nature, such as a flood, fire, or even getting lost on a hike. Individual vs. self: This conflict occurs within a character. It is usually between a character’s emotions or desires and their principles or beliefs.
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In literature, how do you feel about the resolution of conflict and climax?
  • I like it because it is satisfying and brings closure to the story
  • I don't like it because it is too predictable and formulaic
  • I'm not sure, it depends on the story
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The conflict in a story leads to a climax, which is a point of high tension that forces the protagonist to make a difficult decision. The climax of a story can often be a surprise, and is usually the turning point of the narrative. The climax can be in the form of a physical conflict, but can also be a moral or internal struggle faced by the protagonist.
Did you know?
8. Open question
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How does the conflict lead to the climax in a story?
9. Open question
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Think of a book you've read or a tv/movie you watched recently. What was the main conflict in this story?

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