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In one word, describe how you are feeling today?
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Mental Health Matters
Good mental health is important for our physical wellbeing and overall happiness. Managing stress and developing coping strategies are key to maintaining good mental health. Talking to trusted adults and friends can help if you are feeling overwhelmed.
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Mental health
Mental Health: A state of emotional and psychological well-being in which an individual is able to use his or her cognitive and emotional capabilities, function in society, and meet the ordinary demands of everyday life.
Mental Illness: A mental disorder characterized by alterations in thinking, mood, or behavior associated with distress and/or impaired functioning.
Stigma: A negative belief or attitude held by a person or group of people about an individual or group of people. Stigma can be related to mental health, physical health, or other areas of life.
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Did you know?
Depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide. Studies show that having good mental health can help you live longer. One in four people in the world will be affected by mental or neurological disorders at some point in their lives.
5. Open question
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Work together in pairs: What strategies have you found to be helpful in managing your mental health and wellbeing?
6. Personalised Feedback
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How do you think society's perception of mental health has evolved over time?
7. Open question
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Work together in pairs: What are some steps you can take to maintain your mental health and wellbeing?
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What is the definition of mental health?
  • A disorder characterized by persistent sadness and a lack of interest or pleasure in activities.
  • An illness that affects a person's thinking, feeling, or mood.
  • A state of well-being in which an individual realizes their own abilities, can cope with normal life stressors, and can work productively and contribute to their community.
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Which of these statements about self-care and mental health is true?
  • Self-care practices like exercising regularly, getting enough sleep, and practicing relaxation techniques can positively impact mental health.
  • Self-care has no impact on mental health.
  • Only professional help can improve mental health.
10. Drawings
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Brain break: Draw a monkey riding a unicycle while juggling bananas
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Which of the following is NOT a common symptom of anxiety?
  • Excessive sleeping
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Feeling restless or on edge
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What is the stigma surrounding mental health?
  • The fear of enclosed spaces.
  • A specific phobia related to social situations.
  • Negative attitudes and beliefs towards people with mental health conditions that lead to discrimination or exclusion.
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What does PTSD stand for?
  • Psychotic Tendencies Symptom Diagnosis
  • Panic Tracking Sensory Detachment
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
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