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In one word, why is it important to avoid online scams?
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Be aware of any suspicious emails or text messages. Do not share personal information or click on unknown links. Research companies before making online purchases.
Avoiding Online Scams
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Phishing: a type of online scam where criminals send fraudulent emails or set up fake websites in an attempt to steal personal information such as credit card numbers or passwords. Social Engineering: a form of online scam where criminals use deception to manipulate people into revealing confidential information. Malware: malicious software that is designed to damage or disrupt a computer system, steal sensitive information, or gain access to private computer systems.
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What is the best way to avoid online scams?
  • Be suspicious of any online offer that promises a lot of money for little work
  • Never give out personal information such as your Social Security Number, bank account numbers, or credit card numbers
  • Always research any company or website before giving out any personal information
  • Check online reviews to see if anyone has had a negative experience with the company or website
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The typical online scammer comes from a country with a GDP of over $200 billion. Most online scams involve fake emails, websites, or text messages. In 2018, the FTC reported that more than $1.48 billion was lost to online scams.
Did you know?
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What are some tips for avoiding online scams?
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What are some real-life examples of online scams?
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What are some red flags or warning signs to look out for to avoid falling victim to online scams?
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What is one thing you can do to protect yourself from online scams?
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What would you do if you were scammed online?

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