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What is a wave?
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Waves are vibrations or oscillations that travel through a medium, such as air or water. Waves can have different shapes, sizes, and speeds. Waves can be seen in ocean waves, sound waves, and light waves.
What are Waves?
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A wave is a disturbance that propagates through space and time, transferring energy from one point to another. Waves can travel through any material, but they need a medium, such as air, water or some other substance, to do so. There are two main types of waves: transverse waves, which move the medium perpendicular to the wave’s direction of travel, and longitudinal waves, which move the medium parallel to the wave’s direction of travel.
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When a wave reaches shore, the water particles in the wave actually move in a circular motion. Waves can travel up to 800 miles per day. Surfers can ride a wave for up to 30 seconds.
Did you know?
5. Open question
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What pattern do you observe in the amplitude of the waves?
6. Open question
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Can you describe the wavelength of a wave?
7. Open question
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How can waves cause objects to move?
8. Open question
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What other patterns can you observe in waves?
9. Drawings
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Brain break: Draw a large elephant playing a tiny guitar while tap dancing
10. Drawings
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Question: Why do waves form in the ocean? Clues: • Waves are caused by the wind pushing on the surface of the water. • The surface of the water is pushed in the direction that the wind is blowing. • The energy of the wind is transferred to the water and causes the surface to rise and fall in waves. In pairs: Select and solve one of the tasks: A. Draw what happens when the wind pushes on the surface of the water. B. Explain why the wind causes the surface of the water to rise and fall in waves.
11. Poll
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What kind of energy do waves carry?
  • Mechanical energy
  • Electrical energy
  • Magnetic energy
  • Kinetic energy
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What causes waves to form?
  • Wind blowing over water
  • Fish swimming in the ocean
  • The moon's gravity pulling on the water
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What is the highest point of a wave called?
  • Crest
  • Trough
  • Peak
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Which type of wave causes earthquakes?
  • Seismic Waves
  • Ocean Waves
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Which type of waves are used in radios and TVs?
  • Electromagnetic Waves
  • Sound Waves
16. Open question
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Work together in pairs: What are the two main types of waves?

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