What is a workspace


A workspace can contain folders and presentations. Organise and structure your lessons together with your team just how you want to.

Private presentations

  • Every user’s workspace comes with a Private section of their own presentations. Anything you add here can’t be seen by the people in your workspace
  • This is useful for your own presentations, lessons and workshops or anything you want to work with individually before sharing with others.

Note: if you move a presentation from the workspace into your private section, everyone else will lose access.


The trash contains all the folders and presentations you and your team delete. You can click on trash to search, view and restore all your deleted content.

Workspace Members

The workspace is designed to make collaboration super easy. Here you can see who are collaborating in the workspace.

Invite members to the workspace

There are three ways you can invite more members to your workspace.

  1. Click the + button in your workspace next to your members area.
  2. Go to settings and invite your workspace members from there
  3. Invite your workspace members from the topbar by clicking on your profile icon

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between the Workspace and My presentations?

In the workspace, everyone can see all the folders and presentations. Whereas in my presentations, only you can see the presentations.