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Curipod generated lesson: "inference". #8-10

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1. Word cloud
60 seconds
What is an author's perspective?
2. Word cloud
60 seconds
What is another word for narrative?
3. Open question
240 seconds
Write down three literary terms and define them.
4. Word cloud
120 seconds
How would you define inference?
5. Slide
60 seconds
Inference is the process of drawing conclusions from evidence. It is based on observations and facts, not opinion. It helps us to make decisions and solve problems.
Inference: Drawing Conclusions from Evidence
6. Poll
60 seconds
What is an inference?
  • A conclusion based on evidence and reasoning
  • A guess with no evidence
  • An opinion that is not supported by facts
7. Slide
60 seconds
Inference Inference
8. Poll
60 seconds
What can we use to make inferences?
  • Evidence, background knowledge, and reasoning
  • Guesses and assumptions
  • Opinions from others
9. Poll
60 seconds
Which of the following statements is an inference?
  • The sky is blue.
  • It rained yesterday.
  • The ground is wet, so it must have rained recently.
10. Drawings
450 seconds
Brain break: Draw a banana crossing the road using the pedestrian lane
11. Slide
60 seconds
Inference is the process of drawing conclusions from evidence and reasoning. It is a form of logical thinking that helps people make assumptions and predictions.
Did you know?
12. Slide
60 seconds
Crack! Thunder struck and rain poured. Max stared out the window, trying to contain his emotions that raged like the weather. He was beginning to lose it. Dropping the kite from his hand, Max full on sobbed. His mother comforted him, "We'll find something else to do." She began to unpack the picnic basket that she held and offered him a sandwich. Outside thunder crashed. Boom!
13. Drawings
450 seconds
Draw what you imagine the first half of the story looked like.
14. Poll
120 seconds
Which best explains why Max is upset?
  • He hates sandwiches.
  • He is afraid of thunder.
  • The T.V isn't working.
  • The weather ruined his plans.
15. Poll
20 seconds
What can we infer Max's mom planned to do?
  • Cook lunch
  • Fly her own kite
  • Leave for work
  • Go on a picnic
16. Slide
60 seconds
"Tommy!" Mom called. "Tommy," she continued shouting. "I sure could use some help with these groceries." There was still no reply. Then she noticed shattered glass from the kitchen window. The shards were scattered in the living room and a baseball was not far from there. "You're grounded forever, Tommy! " Mom yelled to herself. She now realized that Tommy's shoes were gone.
17. Poll
120 seconds
Which most likely explains why Tommy left?
  • He went to buy a new window.
  • He feared his mom's reaction.
  • Tommy was kidnapped.
  • He has no idea what happened to the window
18. Poll
20 seconds
Which most likely explains what happened to the window?
  • A burglar broke in.
  • Mom broke the window with the bags.
  • Tommy broke the window with his shoes
  • Tommy broke the window with a baseball
19. Open question
210 seconds
What is something you learned about inferences today?
20. Drawings
450 seconds
Draw a slug with sneakers and a top hat!

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